This is my third day of yoga.  I couldn’t fit it in the morning so came home and did a 25 minute session after work.  I was quite proud of myself for managing to squeeze in some time on the mat.  Even though I keep telling myself that it’s okay if I only do a few minutes, the perfectionist in me starts doing the ‘it’s only a few minutes, why bother’ bit.  I beat her down though…

At this point I’m not really planning my yoga routines in advance.  I just sort of get on the mat and do what I feel like doing next.  Today I did:
Neck and shoulder stretches
Kati chalan
Cross kati chalan
Janu sirasan
Virabhadra I
Virabhadra II
Kapal Bhati.

Maybe this is all in my head but I can already tell the difference after just 3 days of doing yoga regularly.  I can see improvements in my flexibility already.  My problem spots were my knee, feet and lower back.  I fell about a month back and have had trouble moving my knee in certain directions.  My knee seems to have improved flexibility.  My feet hurt constantly – I think I have plantar fasciitis and I’ve found that the only thing that seems to help is yoga.  I’m still in pain right when I wake up, but it’s not too bad.  My lower back has improved dramatically.  I periodically get lower back tightness with pain shooting down my leg.  Haven’t had any problems all day today.

In other news,   I also started off the day with a workout – did the Turbulence Training workout thats up on Skwiggs‘s site.  I ordered the Afterburn program too –  I tend to think that I should figure out my own exercise plan, but at this point just don’t want to think about it and want to be told what to do.