The turbulence training workout  kicked my butt yesterday and I was exhausted today.  I realize now exactly how out of shape I am – I could not even do one kneeling push up with proper form.  Just kept bobbing up and down, without really going all the way to the floor.   I also spent a couple of hours painting our laundry room today so that added to the physical exhaustion.  Having exhausted myself physically,  I proceeded to have a meltdown about organizing our wedding.  By the time I crawled to the yoga mat I knew that today’s session would have to consist mainly of restorative poses.

The poses today were: Neck/shoulder stretches & rotation, tadasana, kati chalan, cross kati chalan, janu sirasan, supta badha konasana, viparita karani, shavasana.   I’m still sort of making it up as I go along, so I’m sure I’m making some mistakes in the way I’m sequencing my poses, but whatever.

While I didn’t really notice any physical differences, something pretty cool did happen.  I have to admit that when I’m in class,  I  usually start looking at my watch around the 20 minute mark and wondering how long I have left. I hate that I do that and always wondered how I could have a regular practice if I couldn’t stay on the mat for more than 20 minutes.   This time I finished  doing the poses I had planned, looked at my watch and found that I had been doing yoga for 45 minutes.  It was cool.  One of  the reasons I wanted to begin a home practice was to start being more intuitive and in touch with my practice.  In classes I tend to give over control to the teacher and don’t really have the opportunity to stop when I feel like I am done.  I’ve always suspected that if I let go of the clock and just did the poses I wanted to, I wouldn’t always get antsy half way through – and it was great to experience that.  Maybe I can do this home practice thing after all.