Update – I have created a blog dedicated to weight loss related material here.

I have finally buckled down and decided on what I’m going to do about my nutrition. For the past month I’ve been doing this wacky, frantic thing where I decide to use one diet system and then 3 days later change my mind and do something else. There are a couple that I’m gravitating towards – I’ve done the Weight Watchers Core plan and had success with it when I’ve managed to stick to it – but I find it hard to stick to it. I’ve also had Precision Nutrition version 1 with me for almost a year but I haven’t managed to do it – for some reason everytime I think of starting it, I get panicky. I just cannot eat that much protein, the thought of it makes me gag. Plus, he has a bunch of rules such as eating fish oil with every meal, and he considers a meal non-compliant if you don’t have the fish oil… You’re only allowed a certain number of non-compliant meals in a week (in my case 4) and this is the kind of stuff that makes my crazy brain say ‘Hmm, you forgot the fish oil capsules, which makes this meal non-compliant, so lets make it good and eat those brownies instead of the veggies you were planning to eat’.

So, I’ve decided to ignore everyone and make up my own diet. Believe me I know how silly this sounds – I know you’re rolling your eyes saying ‘Hey there, yes you fatty, if your diet worked you’d be thin by know’. I hear you, believe me I do, but this just sort of feels right. So here it is, primarily a mixture between weight watchers and precision nutrition, with all the parts that make me want to throw it all up in the air, removed. Here are the guidelines that I am following:

  1. Eat 5 meals a day
  2. Eat complete lean protein in at least 3 out of 5 meals.
  3. Vegetables and/or fruit with every meal
  4. Potato, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, or 2 chapatis once a day
  5. Other grain’s (barley, bulgur, quinoa) minimized, but allowed if I want it during the day
  6. No sugar or alcohol
  7. Water, multivitamin etc
  8. 4 ‘cheat’ meals where I can deviate from these guidelines.

These sound pretty similar to precision nutrition and weight watchers with a few differences to take into account the things that make me go off the diet. First, any diet I’m on has to include healthy Indian food. Adding the chapati’s takes care of that – when I was on Weight Watchers I had to count the points for the chapatis, which was a problem. They were hardly any points, but it was psychologically very hard to consider something so central to Indian food as off limits. Especially since they are pretty healthy. Second, if I have too many rules about what I should eat and when I should it eat it, I will not stick to it. So, I’m relaxing the precision nutrition requirement to have grains only after I workout, but I will limit it to once a day. Third, sometimes I just get sick of all the counting, watching, weighing and thinking about food. I need to have a break completely – hence the ‘cheat’ meals. No counting points, no counting calories. Yes, I know it’s good to keep the structure, but the problem for someone like me is that if I go over my points by a little bit, I just decide to not count that week and begin stuffing my face until the next week begins.

Let’s see how this goes – It may not work at all because I’m doing everything half assed. On the other hand, if I actually do something half assed it may work better than not doing it at all – at this point I’m eating so badly, that even that slightest change will probably be a good thing…