Would you work with someone if you found them completely annoying, but were getting results from it? I’ve been working with a nutritionist/nutrition coach for a couple of weeks. She’s a certified nutritionist, but is also a life coach specializing in food/health issues. Honestly, she is annoying. She does a little bit too much of the ‘Rah-rah, let’s look at the positive and ‘oh my gosh, isn’t it great that you could accomplish all this’ bit which just makes me feel like a 4-year old being praised for her first finger painting. The fact that she says all this in a breathy whisper makes it all the more annoying. She clearly believes very strongly in totally cutting out sugar and grains from your diet and has repeatedly mentioned it to me, even though I have been very emphatic about not want to cut anything out completely. Her approach to coaching is not subtle – Questions like ‘what is the higher value in what you are doing?’, ‘What could you be doing differently?’, ‘You’re so wise, what have you learned from this experience?’ probably come straight out of the life coaching handbook. In general, I find her annoying and patronizing and would drop her like a hot potato – except… it’s working. I’m losing weight (not much, but definitely losing) and I feel good about my eating for the first time in weeks.

So, what’s a girl to do? This dislike may be a good thing – I sometimes have this reaction to things/people/situations and later come around to finding them very helpful. Usually, I’m irritated because I’m forced to look at something I don’t want to. On the other hand, my instincts are usually good about people, at least to the extent that I can tell if a person is someone I will connect with or not. I guess I should probably stick with her, if the worst thing that’s happening is that I’m getting irritated. Though it just bothers me to pay someone to irritate me, I can get plenty of that for free.