The annoying nutritionist from this post? – I fired her. Ultimately, it wasn’t that she was annoying, but the fact that she couldn’t give me what I wanted. When I first met her I was very clear about the fact that I needed someone to support me in doing what I think is right for my body, not someone who is going to give me their plan that they want me to stick to. She said she was eager to do that, but in every conversation would push me rather strongly towards a no-grain diet or tell me to get rid of carbs altogether. Told her clearly that was not what I wanted to do right now, she didn’t listen so now she’s fired.
Now I’m working with another woman, who I had doubts about, but it does seem to be working – my eating is much better, and I’m losing weight. I weighed in at 198.5 lbs two days in a row and let’s just say that I have not been below 200lbs in a very long while. So, why did I have doubts about her? Well, she’s one of those women who teaches aerobics, believes completely in cardio, does absolutely no weights and tells you to eat things like skinny cow ice cream and rice cakes as snacks. She’s small and probably very fit, but she’s got that too skinny, not enough muscle mass look about her. And when I first met her I thought, she can’t help me get to where I want to go – I don’t want to have a body like hers, I’d rather look like Skwigg or Mistress Krista.

But I cannot lie – it’s doing me good working with her. I think it’s because she provides some really key types of support and does it in a way that works for me. I email her my food diary every day and she provides feedback and I meet her once a week. When I eat something I shouldn’t, she sends me a one liner pointing it out and asking what I could do instead. She doesn’t tell me what to do, she just makes me think about it. She doesn’t ask me to change a million things at one time and makes me focus on just a few changes at a time. Most importantly, she is very receptive to the things that I want to do. She understands that I enjoy weights and that I have greater success losing weight when I lift heavy things – when I told her that, she made no attempt to convince me to spend hours on the elliptical, just said ‘yup, some bodies are different, yours might do better with more weights.’

As I work with her, and she forces me to focus on really small changes, I realize that it’s really not as complicated as I was making it out to be. At various points in the last 5 years I have counted carbs, points, calories, planned post workout menus and pre-workout menus – and in the course of these five years I went from 165 lbs to 222 lbs. But you know what, my eating was so damn bad, all I needed to do was focus on not eating 2 slices of cheesecake a day. I need to go back to basics. It doesn’t matter so much if I have pasta – as long as it is not accompanied with chocolate mousse and weeks of no exercise, I’ll probably be OK. I do tend to make things overly complicated, but I have seen this happening with many people who are trying to lose weight. It’s sort of like trimming a tree while ignoring the forest fire raging across the street. Take out the obvious problems first and then start doing the fancy stuff.