No wait – make that the ‘Rinky Dinky’ time. I am going through the necessary steps to resign from my current position and have started letting people know that this is my last semester here at the current university. And good lord, it is not easy. A little background, current department is well known in the Field, maybe on its way down, but still holds a considerable amount of cache in the Field. I have been at very good schools throughout my academic career – never the top ranked school, but definitely well known and often in the running to be among the top ranked schools. My next position is in a small private online college. This shift has led to a variety of responses that I am sure I will find downright hilarious one day, but right now since I am still in the process of deprogramming from the Cult of Academe, are causing some discomfort. Let me list them for your reading pleasure:

1. Is that a ‘real’ university?

2. Another colleague responded by email ‘I’m glad that you have found something you are happy with.’ Which is code for ‘I cannot imagine why you would want this job, and will not pretend that I can see anything worth celebrating in your decision, so let me see how I can politely phrase this.’ It’s like the people who say things to piss you off and then come back with an apology like ‘I’m sorry that you felt annoyed by my completely rational and appropriate statement’.

3. ‘I know someone who works at SmallOnlineCollege and they are really quite intelligent’. This person has done this often throughout the last year as s/he knows that I am job hunting. “My neighbor/friend/XX works at company/organization/university and they are really quite intelligent”. Really, someone outside of academia is intelligent, you don’t say?

4. On hearing that this is my last semester – ‘Oh so, you’ve accepted that position at that rinky dink university?’

And I’m sure there will be more as the semester progresses. A few more weeks of this, that’s all I have to deal with and then I am out of here – I just have to keep reminding myself of that.