I’ve been waiting for a copy of windows XP to arrive in the mail so I can install it on my shiny, new Mac and see if it really works. Alright, its really not that shiny or new, I bough it in May, but for someone who hadn’t used a Mac Apple since 1990 everything about this is shiny and new. I’ve been stalking my package over the internet, watching it make it’s way to my doorstep. And finally, yesterday I saw that it had been dropped of at my back porch. Yay!!

I rush home and go to the porch where they usually leave the package – no package. I go to the other side of the house, because first time visitors sometimes can’t tell which is the front of the house. As I walk across the lawn I think to myself ‘huh, there’s suddenly a lot of leaves on the lawn’. No package on other side of house either. I figure they must have dropped it off at a neighbors porch by mistake and decide to go call the dogs in before I go looking for the package. I look at the leaves on the lawn again, and notice that some of them are blue. Hmmm… Yup, it was the box with my software, shredded to bits, the manual pulled apart, and the CD with a big bite in it. Arrrgghh!!

I thought long and hard about lying to the company and telling them that I never got the disk and ultimately decided against it. We don’t really know each other, but before you start thinking too highly of me I feel that I should warn you that I’m not an honest person by nature, just by constitution. By which I mean that I don’t have the ability to lie without getting completely nervous and making an ass of myself or the brains to remember what I said – if I did, trust me, I would lie a lot more. I called up the company I bought the software from and told them the complete truth, that my CD was bitten by the dogs. Customer support guy says ‘Do you have the sticker with the product ID?’

Me (rummaging through my trash): Oh my god, I do, it’s all in one piece even, Yes!

Him: All right, I’ll put a copy in the mail for you, you’ll have it in a few days. No charge.

Sometimes doing the right thing really does pay off..