I had intended to blog about the transition out of academia – but clearly have not managed to fulfill that intention. I am alive, I am doing very well – I did not dissolve into a puddle of regret one week after leaving my position as a tenure track Assistant Professor at an R1 university. But I am working 9-5, renovating a house, recovering from a fun, but completely insane wedding in India, and planning another wedding here in the U.S.

The new job is both good and bad. The Pro’s: No research requirement but time for research if I want it. So far I really have not wanted it. A great boss who understands that I’m transitioning out of academia and so gives the academic in me a lot of leeway. She allows me a lot of flexibility in terms of my hours and occasional days working from home. I find the work very interesting – we are gearing up to launch a program. I’m working on everything from curricullum and course development to marketing and outreach with a bunch of web design and IT related projects thrown in to satisfy the geek in me. A great paycheck – administration pays a lot more than being faculty. For the first time in a very long while I feel comfortable and able to take care of my expenses. It’s a good feeling.

The Cons: There are really just two. The hours. Even though I have some flexibility, the expectation is that I will be there for a certain number of hours a day – even if there isn’t that much work to do. That just drives me crazy, particularly now, since there are a lot of times when there really isn’t much to do at work and a million things for me to do at home. And a few months from now when the program launches I can see how work will be really busy and I won’t have as much to do at home – if they let me take care of my life now I would be prepared to put in 15 hour days when needed. Having these hours makes me feel like I’m being treated like a child.

The only other con – I have an office mate. She’s nice, but loud, a bit of drama queen, with no sense of boundaries. After being used to a very solitary existence, being around someone constantly is really exhausting. I almost feel bad complaining about these issues but they are a pretty big deal to me since they impact my day to day life quite a bit. Clearly the next job will have to address these issues.

But all in all, it’s a good thing. The move from academia has been very good for my mental state. I have not been this relaxed since I started my PhD program. I hope to be more present here, but probably not until later this summer after the wedding is over and the houseguests have gone.