I quit smoking in 1996 1997 1998 2000 and pretty much have remained smoke free since then except for the occasional lapse as allowed by the this-shit-is-too-crazy-to-deal-with clause. The lapses usually coincided with things like finishing the PhD dissertation or a particularly bad break up and wouldn’t last more than a month at the most. I had smoked for about 10 years by the time I finally quit in 2000. I have no wish to be a smoker ever again, but I’ve always said that if there is one thing that would drive me to smoking again it would be the deadening effects of cigarette smoke on my sense of smell. The longer I went without smoking the more acute my sense of smell got. It drives me crazy… you know, where this is going don’t you?

And then I became pregnant. I didn’t notice any real changes until this week when suddenly my nose became even more sensitive – A towel used more than twice smelled mildewy and had to be laundered, Mr. CC was banished to the other end of the room last night because his dinner smelt vile, I smelled a lamp burning 10 minutes before anyone else in the room noticed, and lets not even get started on the dog that was sprayed by skunk two weeks ago. This is the first week I’ve felt nauseous and it’s all because of this damn nose of mine.

I leave tomorrow for a conference and am really not looking forward to it. The thought of being in a hotel room without the comfort of my kitchen with all it’s morning sickness safe food is quite anxiety producing.  I haven’t told anyone from work that I’m pregnant and I’d really rather not be sick in front of them which is a distinct possibility if I can’t get the right foods.  I’m also not happy about being away from Mr. CC and the dogs.  Which for me is unusual – don’t get me wrong I love my husband rather fiercely, but as an introvert have been quite fond of the occasional getaway in a hotel room where nobody is going to talk to me unless I want them to… this clinginess is new.  Shall we blame the hormones?