I turn 36 today – officially a old hag now.  It’s been a big year – getting married, changing jobs and leaving academia, and of course welcoming little c into our lives.  Yup, he’s here.  Arrived 2 weeks early on April 15th – I’ve been writing his birth story in dribs and drabs and hope to put it up here soon.  I definitely want a record of it and this is as good a place to put it as any.

Little c will be a month old tomorrow – we are settling into some semblance of a routine, but really he still sleeps a lot and wants to eat about every 3-4 hours.  So far, he’s been a fairly easy baby who rarely fusses.  The books tell me that his fussiness will increase from now until it peaks in six weeks, so we’ll see if that holds true.  Here’s hoping that it doesn’t.

Motherhood is great – apart from the moments of sheer terror that I have to look after this child forever and the moments when I am completely convinced that I am a bad mother or that I will never ever figure out what the right answer is to the problem of the day.  I am profoundly grateful that my parents are here.  My father has taken over the kitchen and is producing amazing meals – this from a man who never cooked, and has only just begun to learn because in retirement he has begun running a hotel and wants to be able to provide good meals to his guests.  My mother and Mr.  CC are extremely helpful with the baby and are always available to help – to give you a sense of how spoiled I am as a new mother, I shower everyday and am still able to take my long 45 minute showers!!  I have no idea how we will manage when they leave, but I suppose we will figure it out.