I really suck at posting regularly, and having a newborn definitely makes it harder.  Lets see, to catch you up since we last spoke about the pregnancy (umm yeah, I just read that post again, a little whiny, wouldn’t you say?).   I had gestational diabetes – I moped, ranted and raved, and then found it surprisingly easy.  I’ve been focusing on controlling  carbs for a while and have worked my way through a variety of diets – Zone, Protein Power, Atkins – and counting carbs wasn’t tough for me at all.  Of course, I did have my moments of ‘I want cake and I want it now’, but for the most part it was OK – having the little creature in me and worrying about the impact of cake on him definitely prevented me from cheating too much.  I did have the occasional lapse, but on the whole kept the numbers pretty low.

Anyway, on April 15th at 1:15, I jumped out of bed feeling like I was peeing my pants – not completely unlikely given that I was almost 38 weeks along.  Made it to the bathroom and realized ‘oh crap, I can’t stop this, must be my water breaking’.  After which it hit me –  ‘oh crap, I haven’t packed my bags, registered at the hospital, bought any crib sheets, figured out his going home outfit, filled out my disability paperwork, filed my taxes, and I don’t even want to think of what else I haven’t gotten done.’  I spent the next 3 hours getting some stuff done – didn’t wake up Mr. CC or my parents (who had just flown in from India on the 9th) until 4:15.  I figured that once everyone was up I wouldn’t be able to get anything done and I just needed a little bit of quiet time to get prepared.

Called my dr. and doula at 5:00 and the doctor told me to go to labour and delivery.  I made it there by 7:00 am, and still had no major contractions.  I lied and told them my water broke at 4:15 – didn’t want them rushing to deliver him if we got close to to 24 hours past water breaking – why I thought 3 hours would make that much difference I don’t know, but I did. I was in the delivery room with nothing happening until 1:30, at which point my doctor started me on Pitocin.  I asked for the minimum dose with small increases, and they agreed, albeit grudgingly.  And then I spent the next few hours waiting for something to happen.  Contractions began to get more intense around 8:00pm but my cervix still hadn’t really changed much.  My doula asked if nothing changed by 11 pm when the doctor came back, would he consider stopping the Pitocin to give me a chance to rest and eat something.  The doctor agreed, disappeared for a while and came back and said that if my cervix still had not progressed by then he would put in Laminaria to help ripen the cervix. (An aside, this really seemed to surprise my doula – but my doula was an interesting personality and I must remember to post about how to hire a doula.  Lets just say that I have a lot more clarity about who I would hire next time!).  But then when he came back at 11 pm, I had dilated to about 5 cm and we decided to continue with the Pitocin.

I was managing my pain with a combination of deep breathing and Hypnobabies visualization.  Around 11:30 the contractions were really intense and my doula suggested that I get an epidural since natural pain management would be tough with Pitocin induced contractions. I asked for one, and it took about 45 minutes to get it – which was the worst 45 minutes.  The contractions were really painful, but the pain was surprisingly OK.  I think for me the biggest thing was reading Ina Mays book and where she talks about the fact that labour pains are OK and not a signal that something is wrong.  Reminding myself of that really helped.   Once I got the epidural I napped until about 2:00 am.  There was some issue with them not being able to track my contractions and I vaguely remember some doctors coming in and out talking about putting in an internal monitor, but for some reason they didn’t do it.

At 2:00 am my doctor said that I was fully dilated and he had my epidural switched off. I started pushing at 3:00 and at 4:31 Little C was born.  The pushing was weird and uncomfortable more than painful – I remember I just had this urge to get up and walk, but couldn’t because the epidural hadn’t completely worn off. And yes, I pooped on the table, and like everyone says, you don’t really give a shit if you do.  My doula asked for a mirror and I was all grouchy and said I didn’t want one.  But she said get one, b/c if you want one later it won’t be there.  Boy was I glad she insisted.  Just before he came out I was done, just wanted to stop and Mr. CC said if you could just see you’d see that you were doing it and how close you were.  I looked in the mirror and it was like everythign came together at once.  I knew excatly how to push, and I knew when he was crowning so I knew to stop pushing and let him ease out to minimise tearing.  And most of all I saw his face as he first came out, a sight that I will never forget.  It was amazing.

They put him on me right away and we started breastfeeding.  I had a little bit of tearing – second degree, but for the most part it has been pretty pain free.  I was up and about an hour after delivery and cannot imagine adding the pain from a c-section to the exhaustion of staying up nights with a new baby.

Next up – how to hire a doula and month 1 updates and oh yeah, how can I leave you without this: