I’m doing something I swore I would never do – worrying about developmental milestones.  LittleC doesn’t really do the social smiles yet – once in a while he’ll do something that maybe, could be, if the light hits it just right, and you’re his desperate-to-believe-it’s-a-smile mother, be a smile.  There are definitely times his expression changes when he sees me and he seems to be trying to smile.  But a full smile, nope. And those goddamn emails I signed up for from babycenter.com and whattoexpect.com are driving me mad.  According to those emails, at four weeks he’s supposed to be giving social smiles.  And then I go onto the message boards on these sites and women are claiming that their two week old babies are smiling.

I have also just realized that I have a fussy baby.  Just because he doesn’t have crying jags or colic I have been under the assumption that he was an easy baby.  Not so much – he will not sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch, and that’s only if someone is holding him.  The longest he’s gone in his bassinet is 2 hours.  Usually the minute I set him down somewhere he wakes up.  Apparently there are babies that will sleep in their bassinets and you can actually put them down in their bassinets ‘drowsy but awake’ and they fall asleep on their own.  Excuse me while I giggle hysterically at the notion of putting LittleC down ‘drowsy but awake’ and expecting anything but mayhem.  Granted the minute I pick him up he begins to quiet, so clearly he’s not a very fussy or colicky baby, but easy no.  Which is fine with me.  I’m his mama.  I’m irrationally afraid that he will have a terrible time at daycare.  That they will just let him cry, or call me up and tell me that my child is too fussy for daycare.  Silly I know, but I feel like I need to prepare him for daycare somehow, only problem is I’m not sure how to do that.

Speaking of daycare I signed up for one.  It’s two buildings down from the one I work in.  They have a separate infant room for infants ten months and younger and another one for those over ten months.  I’m hoping to be able to hop over during lunch and breastfeed.  Or maybe work through lunch and leave a little early, but this organization may not allow that – they tend to focus on hours worked rather than actual output.  We’ll see what works.

Anyway, I’m off to take a shower and then sleep while my mum has LittleC for the first shift.