I haven’t written much about weight, in truth because I really didn’t give a damn about it with everything else that’s been going on and frankly, I’m OK, no actually, I’m thrilled about that.  Anytime weight is not something I’m thinking about it’s a good thing – unless I’m not thinking of it in an escapist, “if I pretend I haven’t gain 2o lbs then maybe I haven’t gained them” way.

The stats – I began my pregnancy at 214 lbs (I had gained a few pounds over the summer) and by the end of my second trimester had only gained 14 lbs and was 228 lbs.  However, in the next trimester I gained another 17 lbs and by the time I delivered LittleC I was 245 lbs.  Post delivery I dropped weight at a pretty good clip and by 4 weeks post partum was 212 lbs – 2 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.  In the last four weeks I’ve gained weight and now I’m back at about 216 lbs.

I’m not too surprised by the weight gain and in fact, am surprised that I lost weight as quickly as I did because my eating has not been (I thought) conducive to weight loss.  While I’m eating a lot of whole foods, I’m also eating a fair amount of sugar and processed foods, and I figured that I wouldn’t lose very much weight.  I’ve been eating anything I want to because my bout with gestational diabetes had resurrected all the neuroses I had from depriving myself of various food groups.  Because of the work I had been doing with intuitive eating I had gotten to the point where I was very comfortable with food and did not feel the need to restrict anything and I wanted to get back there.   I have been working my way through all the foods I couldn’t have since I was diagnosed with GD – and while delicious, a 3 lb bag of M&Ms doesn’t really help with weight loss.  But apparently it doesn’t really hurt it either.

I have noticed though that I am beginning to revert to some of my normal, healthier foods.  For instance, I no longer need the big bowl of cold cereal in the morning and I would rather have some eggs and oatmeal.  I’ve also been craving my green smoothies.  Fruit have slowly become more important.   I was eating the typical carb heavy Indian meals – we tend to eat a lot of rice.  I usually cook Indian food, but my plate used to look very different from the typical Indian meal.  Instead of a lot of rice, I used to have a lot of non-starchy veggies, lentils and meat.  Right after delivery I was eating a lot of rice and I have noticed that has changed now too.  Chocolate still figures prominently in my meal plan, but I figure that will go down soon too.  Though I think I’m craving sugar because of the stress and the lack of sleep.

Next step – working in some exercise.  I did manage to find my sneakers, now if only I could clean my closet and find my exercise clothes!