Has it seriously been two months since I posted. Wow! Time sure flies when you don’t have any! Let’s see what has been taking up all my time?

Work: I’m working part time at my job – well, really at 70% so I only go in 3 days a week for a slightly longer work day. But, I am also in the process of starting my own business on the side. For the last year I’ve been in training to be a life coach and am now really pushing on getting the business up and running. I love it, but I’ve never started something on my own and this whole process is scary and exciting. It’s scary not because I have a lot riding on it – I don’t, if I fail I will still have my job or get another. Scary because I really enjoy it and what if I can’t get it to work, or if I’m not good at it? Scary, because it sounds so flaky compared to being a serious college professor. Nothing to do about all those fears but try and see where I get. Anyway I’ve been spending a lot of time on that website and blog (which I’m not going to link to here, b/c this is my super secret, spew my guts out place while there I blog under my real name).

Baby: LittleC is almost 6 months old. How did that happen? He’s such an awesome little boy. We moved him to a new daycare center after he spent a month at the first one we tried. Dealing with that took up a lot of mental energy. I couldn’t figure out whether I hated that particular day care or just day care in general until things came to a head when the director made me cry. Short version – I went in to ask about getting a drs. note so he could sleep on his tummy, she pretty much yelled at me that it wasn’t necessary, that he ‘used to cry a lot but only cries for 20 minutes now.’ Umm, what? So how come every time I ask if he fussed you say ‘Nope, not at all’. Really? Because when he doesn’t nap at home he cries, but with you he doesn’t. I’m not one of those moms who freaks out when the baby cries, but I need complete honesty from my day care provider. Add that to the girls who watch the kids when the regular teachers are taking a break, but say ‘I’m scared of babies, I don’t like holding them’ and who wear their pants so low you always see their butt cracks. The regular teachers sucked too – they never spoke to me unless I talked to them, never said hello or goodbye to LittleC unless I said something. I could just go on. So, I decided I was done, called up Mr. CC and said that we were done, even if it meant that we were both going to have to take time off until we figured out the situation.

Strangely, that day my boss walked into my office and said why don’t you try PP daycare. I had never heard of it and it had never come up in any of my searches. I call them up and they say they can take a baby who is less than 5 months – LittleC was 4.5 months at the time. It’s right around the corner from work, and they are fabulous. Spotless, small, with fabulous teachers. They will actually do what littleC needs to take a nap. They’ll swaddle him and rock him and put him down on his side with pillow so he can sleep. So things are a lot better on the daycare front. I go in, he starts playing and does not even look my way until I pick him up. I have never walked in and found him crying or sitting alone in swing (ugh, just thinking about it makes me cry, my poor little boo.)

LittleC is great. He remains fairly chilled out and the one thing that was a problem is slowly getting better – his sleeping. He is sleeping through the night most nights. He’s down from 8:30 to 5:00. He is a great baby to learn this motherhood stuff with. Extremely forgiving when I fuck up. I still remember how patient he was when I was trying to figure out breastfeeding. I’d latch him, unlatch him, grab his head, move him a gazillion times and he’d just wait. I never thought I’d enjoy motherhood so much, but I do.

House: We are putting the house on the market in the spring. Needs a fair amount of work before then and I am just trying to get it done. It sucks, but I keep reminding myself that we need to get through this to get to a better situation.

OK I’m ending this so I actually post it.