I haven’t written much about weight, in truth because I really didn’t give a damn about it with everything else that’s been going on and frankly, I’m OK, no actually, I’m thrilled about that.  Anytime weight is not something I’m thinking about it’s a good thing – unless I’m not thinking of it in an escapist, “if I pretend I haven’t gain 2o lbs then maybe I haven’t gained them” way.



My last post has got me thinking about whether I really want to lose weight – I’m not sure if I really feel this way or if its just a low point in the weight loss cycle. You know, when you get tired of doing what’s necessary to lose weight, get tired of not seeing any movement on the scale and then decide ‘Fuck it, I don’t care about losing weight anyway’ and go off on a month long binge. I don’t know, it could be either.


It was all going so well. I had found a lovely bridal salon with wonderful, helpful people. I had found a dress that I loved. We got started on the process of placing the order for the dress, I got measured and then she asked me ‘What size do you think you’ll be in 6 months?’ On noticing the expression of wild panic on my face she rushed to reassure me and said ‘Oh, don’t worry we’re really good at figuring this out, and as long as you don’t lose 30 lbs you’ll be fine.’ (more…)