The annoying nutritionist from this post? – I fired her. Ultimately, it wasn’t that she was annoying, but the fact that she couldn’t give me what I wanted. When I first met her I was very clear about the fact that I needed someone to support me in doing what I think is right for my body, not someone who is going to give me their plan that they want me to stick to. She said she was eager to do that, but in every conversation would push me rather strongly towards a no-grain diet or tell me to get rid of carbs altogether. Told her clearly that was not what I wanted to do right now, she didn’t listen so now she’s fired. (more…)


Would you work with someone if you found them completely annoying, but were getting results from it? I’ve been working with a nutritionist/nutrition coach for a couple of weeks. She’s a certified nutritionist, but is also a life coach specializing in food/health issues. Honestly, she is annoying. She does a little bit too much of the ‘Rah-rah, let’s look at the positive and ‘oh my gosh, isn’t it great that you could accomplish all this’ bit which just makes me feel like a 4-year old being praised for her first finger painting. The fact that she says all this in a breathy whisper makes it all the more annoying. She clearly believes very strongly in totally cutting out sugar and grains from your diet and has repeatedly mentioned it to me, even though I have been very emphatic about not want to cut anything out completely. Her approach to coaching is not subtle – Questions like ‘what is the higher value in what you are doing?’, ‘What could you be doing differently?’, ‘You’re so wise, what have you learned from this experience?’ probably come straight out of the life coaching handbook. In general, I find her annoying and patronizing and would drop her like a hot potato – except… it’s working. I’m losing weight (not much, but definitely losing) and I feel good about my eating for the first time in weeks. (more…)

Update – I have created a blog dedicated to weight loss related material here.

I have finally buckled down and decided on what I’m going to do about my nutrition. For the past month I’ve been doing this wacky, frantic thing where I decide to use one diet system and then 3 days later change my mind and do something else. There are a couple that I’m gravitating towards – I’ve done the Weight Watchers Core plan and had success with it when I’ve managed to stick to it – but I find it hard to stick to it. I’ve also had Precision Nutrition version 1 with me for almost a year but I haven’t managed to do it – for some reason everytime I think of starting it, I get panicky. I just cannot eat that much protein, the thought of it makes me gag. Plus, he has a bunch of rules such as eating fish oil with every meal, and he considers a meal non-compliant if you don’t have the fish oil… You’re only allowed a certain number of non-compliant meals in a week (in my case 4) and this is the kind of stuff that makes my crazy brain say ‘Hmm, you forgot the fish oil capsules, which makes this meal non-compliant, so lets make it good and eat those brownies instead of the veggies you were planning to eat’.

The turbulence training workout  kicked my butt yesterday and I was exhausted today.  I realize now exactly how out of shape I am – I could not even do one kneeling push up with proper form.  Just kept bobbing up and down, without really going all the way to the floor.   I also spent a couple of hours painting our laundry room today so that added to the physical exhaustion.  Having exhausted myself physically,  I proceeded to have a meltdown about organizing our wedding.  By the time I crawled to the yoga mat I knew that today’s session would have to consist mainly of restorative poses.

The poses today were: Neck/shoulder stretches & rotation, tadasana, kati chalan, cross kati chalan, janu sirasan, supta badha konasana, viparita karani, shavasana.   I’m still sort of making it up as I go along, so I’m sure I’m making some mistakes in the way I’m sequencing my poses, but whatever.

While I didn’t really notice any physical differences, something pretty cool did happen.  I have to admit that when I’m in class,  I  usually start looking at my watch around the 20 minute mark and wondering how long I have left. I hate that I do that and always wondered how I could have a regular practice if I couldn’t stay on the mat for more than 20 minutes.   This time I finished  doing the poses I had planned, looked at my watch and found that I had been doing yoga for 45 minutes.  It was cool.  One of  the reasons I wanted to begin a home practice was to start being more intuitive and in touch with my practice.  In classes I tend to give over control to the teacher and don’t really have the opportunity to stop when I feel like I am done.  I’ve always suspected that if I let go of the clock and just did the poses I wanted to, I wouldn’t always get antsy half way through – and it was great to experience that.  Maybe I can do this home practice thing after all.

This is my third day of yoga.  I couldn’t fit it in the morning so came home and did a 25 minute session after work.  I was quite proud of myself for managing to squeeze in some time on the mat.  Even though I keep telling myself that it’s okay if I only do a few minutes, the perfectionist in me starts doing the ‘it’s only a few minutes, why bother’ bit.  I beat her down though…

At this point I’m not really planning my yoga routines in advance.  I just sort of get on the mat and do what I feel like doing next.  Today I did:
Neck and shoulder stretches
Kati chalan
Cross kati chalan
Janu sirasan
Virabhadra I
Virabhadra II
Kapal Bhati.

Maybe this is all in my head but I can already tell the difference after just 3 days of doing yoga regularly.  I can see improvements in my flexibility already.  My problem spots were my knee, feet and lower back.  I fell about a month back and have had trouble moving my knee in certain directions.  My knee seems to have improved flexibility.  My feet hurt constantly – I think I have plantar fasciitis and I’ve found that the only thing that seems to help is yoga.  I’m still in pain right when I wake up, but it’s not too bad.  My lower back has improved dramatically.  I periodically get lower back tightness with pain shooting down my leg.  Haven’t had any problems all day today.

In other news,   I also started off the day with a workout – did the Turbulence Training workout thats up on Skwiggs‘s site.  I ordered the Afterburn program too –  I tend to think that I should figure out my own exercise plan, but at this point just don’t want to think about it and want to be told what to do.

One of the unfortunate consequences of being stressed and having major upheavals in my life, is weight gain. I’m not one of those women who stops eating when stressed – oh no, I start eating and don’t stop until it’s all over. If the stress doesn’t stop, the weight keeps piling on. I spent the last 5 years in a job I really hated, but was determined to like (I went to school for 8 years to be able to do this so I was going to like it goddammit – but that’s a topic for another post). As you can imagine, the levels of stress generated by this exercise were pretty damn high. And so here I am 40lbs heavier than I would like to be. The good news is that 2 months ago I was 50 lbs heavier. Now I just need to get rid of the other 40lbs and get fit.

About 5 years ago I was quite fit and had a regular workout schedule. That got derailed and every time I have tried to get back into a routine I have managed to injure myself. This time I am determined to ease into working out and to do things in a way that make it easier for me to stick with it. I am only going to go to the gym 3 times a week. Every time I start going to the gym, I go into overdrive and want to go 6 days a week and end up miserable and hurt within 3 weeks. I’m going to have to be watch myself and make sure I don’t do that again.

I am also planning to do yoga every day. This is not as ambitious as it sounds. First, If I do nothing but sit on the yoga mat and do pranayama, it counts. It does not have to be a full fledged hour long session every time. I got this from Martha Beck’s new book – she advises you to keep halving your goals until you get to a point where you say ‘Of course I can do that’. I’ve always wanted to do yoga regularly but didn’t feel like it counted unless I did a long session every time. Which made it hard for me to even start. Second, I’m only committing to doing this for 30 days. This I’m borrowing from Steve Pavlina – I don’t know if I like doing yoga everyday and so I’m going to try it and see what happens.

I still haven’t decided what I’m doing about nutrition – I know that it’s important and very necessary for weightloss, but I just haven’t decided yet what I can realistically do… more on that later.