You know that’s going to be a book title someday… No, I didn’t come up with it – much as I would love to take the credit for it. Maybe it can be the slogan for a men’s movement – a man needs a woman like sperm need a rickshaw. Except in this case the sperm really did need the rickshaw. Oh wait!! Maybe it’s next summer’s B-movie hit. Can’t you just see Samuel Jackson yelling ‘ I’m sick of these m*%$#rF*&^%ing sperm on this m*%$#rF*&^%ing rickshaw!’ What? You want me to get to the point and actually tell you what I am blabbering about? Oh, all right, it’s from today’s Oprah show about infertility. A large part of the show was focused on a couple who were having trouble conceiving and used a woman in India as a surrogate. I got on the treadmill at the gym today just as Rachel Ray was giving way to Oprah and the headline ‘Wombs for Rent’ piqued my interest and there I was one hour later.